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Last week Vancouver was home to the The World of Drum & Bass Tour 2012 which was held at Club 560 on Seymour St. The event showcases some of the world’s top DnB acts such as this years headliners DJs SS and Crissy Criss. We sent down our friend Jak to check out the show. He had this to say.

Drum and Bass lives.

You have to give it to Vancouver — you can always rope a ton of people into hitting the club when major out-of-towners are meant to destroy dancefloors.

DJ SS absolutely, positively lived up to expectations. Sub Focus and High Contrast showed up and smashed the crowd (not in person — I’m talking tracklist)– then Chrissy Chris came on, and reminded us all of why delay units are an essential part of any self-respecting DJ’s arsenal.

Oh, and DJ SS decided to MC Chrissy Chris’ set.


EPIC should be spelled D-J-S-S-A-N-D-C-H-R-I-S-S-Y-C-H-R-I-S.

Here’s why Vancouver Is Awesome: DnB is still going strong here, and most other scenes are also thriving (particularly Dubstep, and I can’t hate, because that ish is awesome). It takes very little for us to wrangle a proper crowd for a proper event, and that’s exactly what this was.

I highly recommend The World of Drum and Bass Tour, in any incarnation.