The 10 Bestselling Books in BC Right Now Are…


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10. The Nordic Guide to Living 10 Years Longer by Bertil Marklund, MD, PhD

Swedish doctor Bertil Marklund covers broad ground in this short book, providing a comprehensive guide to lifestyle choices, many of which are inspired by Nordic ideals about engaging in vigorous outdoor recreation, foraging for food, exposure to sunlight and managing stress.
For those interested in: self-care, culture, lifestyle. 

9. Some Useful Wild Plants: A Foraging Guide to Food and Medicine From Nature by Dan Jason

With over forty years since its original printing, and over 30,000 copies sold, this bestselling guide still remains a trusted and much-consulted reference for those interested in identifying, foraging and growing wild plants for food and medicine. 
For those interested in: nature, wildlife, British Columbia, natural medicine

Tails Don’t Lie 2 is Adrian Raeside’s hilarious follow-up to the bestselling Tails Don’t Lie, collecting even more of his favourite cartoons featuring our four-legged hairy scroungers
For those interested in: humour, comics, pets.

7. Best Places to Bird in British Columbia by Russel and Richard Cunnings

Two expert birders reveal their favorite places to watch B.C. birds. In this unique guidebook that will appeal to novice and experienced birders alike, the authors of acclaimed Birdfinding in British Columbia explore their 30 favorite birding sites in the diverse landscape of BC.
For those interested in: nature, BC wildlife. 

6. Chilcotin Chronicles: Stories of Adventure and Intrigue from British Columbia’s Central Interior 

Set in the wild and untamed country of central British Columbia’s Chilcotin Plateau, Chilcotin Chronicles is about men and women caught in its interface of cultures and changing landscape. Indigenous inhabitants and white newcomers brought together by the fur brigades, then later by the gold rush, forged a path together that was uncharted and unpredictable.
For those interested in: BC history, First Nations culture.

5. British Columbia Lullaby by P.L. McCarron & Joy Steuerwald

This lovely portrait of BC highlights the various regions from forests to vineyards to the Pacific Ocean.
For those interested in: children’s literature.

4. Hello Humpback! By Roy Henry Vickers and Robert Budd

A bright and bold celebration of the magical West Coast. Ideal for babies and toddlers who are beginning to recognize their natural surroundings.
For those interested in: children’s literature and nature.

3. Embers by Richard Wagamese

An extraordinary and well-curated selection of reflections from one of Canada’s most important First Nations authors. Richard Wagamese extracts life lessons and philosophical musings from daily life, showcasing how we are connected to the universe in every moment.
For those interested in: philosophy and spirituality.

2. On Island: Life Among the Coast Dwellers by Pat Carney 

In this story collection, Pat Carney follows the rhythms of day-to-day life in coastal BC. Featuring a revolving cast of characters—the newly retired couple, the church warden, the musician, the small-town girl with big city dreams—Carney’s keen observations of the personalities and dramas of coastal life are instantly recognizable to readers who are familiar with life in a small community. 
For those interested in: Local history and culture.

1. The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben

Author Peter Wohlleben makes a convincing case that trees are social beings that behave like human families. Wohelleben shows how groundbreaking scientific research has revealed how trees communicate, support each other, share nutrients, and even warn each other of impending danger.
For those interested in: science, nature and sociology.