Local sleepwear brand named one of Oprah’s “favourite things”


The Sleep Shirt is an oversized, unisex nightshirt, made from a crisp blue and white Oxford striped cotton. It’s also one of Oprah’s favourite things.

Founded by Alexandra Suhner Isenberg, The Sleep Shirt is a Canadian company based in Montreal and Vancouver, and designed in Canada and Sweden. They make classic/contemporary nightwear that aims to fill the gap between “sexy, silky nightwear and traditional pyjama sets”.

The local sleepwear brand has been on a steady rise for the last few years, have been featured in Vogue, the Wall Street Journal and Glamour. All that said, being part of Oprah’s “favourite things” list just before the holidays is sure to give the local brand a bump like they’ve never experienced.

Above and beyond nightshirts, The Sleep shirt has expanded into pillows, quilts, eye masks and everything else you’d need for a perfectly peaceful sleep. Not a bad idea for a gift either! You can learn more about The Sleep Shirt by visiting their website HERE.