Rain City Chronicles


Last week the second Rain City Chronicles night of live storytelling took place at the Western Front. V.I.A. was a co-sponsor and the theme given to the storytellers (of which I was one!) was “luck”, which is why we SHARED with you the organizers’ lucky charms as a warmup.

Here’s a photo of those organizers (Elianna Lev, Karen Pinchin and Lizzy Karp) introducing the night which sold out! They actually had to turn a bunch of people away at the door which is a bit of a bummer but also super encouraging that there are a lot of people in this city who want to hear stories, live.

photo: christine mcavoy

The night was super fun for me as a speaker/storyteller and even more enjoyable for me as a listener of all of the inspiring, funny and, above all, interesting stories that all of the invited speakers shared with the audience. Lana Gay from CBC Radio 3 told a story about how she got her first radio job soaked in a tub of beans, Charlie Demers talked about how an old arch-nemesis of his, and the rain, helped him meet his wife, Louise Burns played songs and 6 other folks told rad stories. Oh, and Rebecca Slaven and Andre of The Obvious Peaks and Valleys played some songs too!

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And luckily for you, they recorded the entire night and are featuring it as a two part podcast to listen to. Check more photos from the night as well as a link to the podcast file RIGHT HERE.

Sure you can listen to it as a podcast but you seriously DO NOT WANT TO MISS next season’s Rain City Chronicles night live! We’ll be sure to tell you about it before it hits, likely at a larger venue so that everybody who shows up at the door will be able to enjoy it live.