High Fiving Celebrities: Trevor Linden


Welcome to another edition of High Fiving Celebrities, a feature where we deliver digital high fives to you from famous folks.

Hey, former Vancouver Canucks captain, Trevor Linden! High five, Trevor Linden!

We caught up with one of Vancouver’s most beloved former Canucks today in Kitsilano as he was playing taxi driver, giving the public and the media rides in a BCAA electric-powered taxi cab to help promote their new electric vehicle initiative.

According to BCAA, an organization which serves one-in-four B.C. households, “As EV technology evolves and becomes an increasingly viable transportation choice, BCAA is responding by training its roadside assistance drivers in EV technology and safety so they can properly assist EV drivers. BCAA has also added EVs to its business. One EV goes into its roadside assistance fleet and another EV will be used for an employee car share program. EV charging stations are also available at BCAA’s Burnaby location for both Members and other EV owners to use at no cost. And, updates on EV technology and trends, along with answers to common questions can be found at bcaa.com/evolve — a resource for current and prospective EV owners, or for anyone who’s just interested in learning more about this emerging technology.”

That’s pretty awesome all around.