People are about to start drawing all over their laptops

Another entry from the wonderful world of Vancouver's crowdfunding campaigns.


Are you an analog-minded individual that’s forced to use modern technology because it’s 2017? Well, this just might take the edge off your affliction to digital devices.

Sketchcase is a premium laptop skin that turns your laptop into a portable whiteboard, meaning you can draw, make notes and doodle to your hearts content. No more carrying a separate notebook or having the “stickies” app forever open on your desktop. Write down your to-do list on the sketchcase skin and simply wipe away when you’re done. Sketchcase also claims to have a special anti-graffiti and scratch resistant coating that makes it the perfect laptop skin.

Whether you are a student, designer, engineer, entrepreneur, artist or just a person that misses sketching little cubes and stick figures on notepads, Sketchcase is probably for you.

To learn more about the product, visit their Kickstarter campaign HERE.