Watch this West Vancouver music class learn traditional Inuit throat singing (VIDEO)

Way cooler than learning to play the recorder...


Right now hundreds of music classes across the province are busy learning Canadian songs as part of CBC’s Canadian Music Class Challenge. One of those songs is “Northern Lights”, by Iqaluit band, The Jerry Cans. Nancy Mike of The Jerry Cans skype’d into a class at West Vancouver’s Irwin Park Elementary School to teach the kids the song, which combines traditional Inuit throat singing, or katajjaq, with folk, rock and pop motifs.

According to Nancy, throat singing is traditionally regarded as both an art form and a competitive game between singers. It also has a more practical application; it’s used to calm babies to help put them to sleep. If you like “Northern Lights” be sure to check out more music from The Jerry Cans, TudjaatQuantum Tangle, Silla + Rise and of course, Tanya Tagaq.

The video is heartwarming, mesmerizing and totally fun. There’s nothing cooler than seeing a group of elementary school kids get excited about throat singing. To learn more about CBC’s Canadian Music Class Challenge, visit cbcmusic.a

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