We just got through one of Vancouver’s rainiest Novembers on record


Did your umbrella raising arm get a hefty workout last month? As it turns out, this was one of Vancouver’s rainiest Novembers on record.

November 2017 tied with November 1953 for the most rainy days, 27, to be precise, according to Environment Canada’s BC bureau.

november rainfall
ECCC Weather BC

That said, that does mean that it rained in Vancouver all but three days last month. Don’t get too down about it–as Environment Canada also points out…that’s pretty average for November.

The good news is, while we’ve come into December a little soggy, starting Sunday we’ll be seeing more sun, but chillier temps.

december forecast vancouver
Environment Canada

So you may have to break out your gloves and heavier jackets, but your umbrella arm can take a well-earned break…for now. This is Raincouver, after all!