15 photos of this morning’s stellar sunrise over Vancouver


The Lower Mainland was treated one heck of a winter sunrise Thursday morning. Streaks of pinks, purples, and oranges were a stunning sight in the sky over this beautiful region, and luckily lots of people captured the scene from where they saw it.

Here are 15 photos of this morning’s stellar sunrise. When you use #vancouverisawesome on Instagram we can see what you see, too!

#tbt early morning strolls…..

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Hi I made it to work on time.

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The moment you realize you can see Mt. Baker from work… Good morning, Vancouver! ?

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#magenta #sunrise #run #running #vancouver #vancouverisawesome

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#vancouverisawesome #goodmorning

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Beautiful colours this morning.. #vancouver #vancouverisawesome #yaletown #bcplace

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Beauty morning, #Vancouver ? #dawn #views #sunrise #iwokeuplikethis

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Today morning. #vancouver #Canada#Enjoy every day#christmas

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